Talk Nerdy to Me – How we persuaded staff to voluntarily engage with IT

Just how do you get staff to find out about all the important IT stuff they need to know, when they keep deleting your emails? In 2015 we took the challenge of information dissemination head on.

The radical decision was made to stop sending boring text emails to staff and swap them for short, sharp and entertaining video messages that relay important information in under 120 seconds. A year down the track and we have changed the landscape of IT information dissemination for staff at our University and have positively influenced how the division is viewed (some would even say we are now the ‘cool kids’).

This presentation will provide an overview of how we did it, how you can do it too and also provide a full year’s statistical data that has been collected along the way that shows what an impact this initiative has had.

Come along and find out how you can make a big impact with minimal resources and a little bit of fun.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding that it’s not good doing all these great IT innovations, upgrades and new features if your staff don’t know about them or use them
  • How data collection is integral to shutting down negative talk about new initiatives
  • How other organisations can easily emulate what we have done with minimal resources
  • That when something isn’t working, don’t be scared to try something different
  • That sometimes adding a little bit of fun, can make all the difference

Structure of the presentation

  • Intro of myself and organisation to establish a general understanding of our organisations size and challenges – 3 mins
  • Highlight the problem we were faced with explain how we came to a possible solution – 3 mins
  • How we piloted that solution – 3 mins
  • How we implemented the new initiative and play some examples of the video’s we have created – 8 mins
  • Share various statistics collected throughout 2015 that show it’s success and positive impact – 10 mins
  • Outline how other organisations can do the same (what we used to make them, how we structure them and other important key points) – 10 mins
  • Pro’s and Con’s and lessons learned from implementing this type of initiative – 5 mins
  • Closing statement, offer of support for others considering implementation of a similar solution -3 mins
  • Questions – 5 mins

I will also bring along a handout for anyone interested in learning more about how we did it.