Why Should I Speak at Service Management 2019?

Now in its 22nd year, the reputation of itSMF Australia’s Annual Service Management Conference precedes it as one of the premier events on an ITSM practitioner’s calendar.

Submitting a proposal to speak at Service Management 2019 is a chance to share your experience and expertise with a captive audience – expanding your network and helping your peers in the process!

Speakers at Service Management share their trials, tribulations and triumphs with approximately 400 engaged itSMF members hailing from across the country and beyond.

This year, the Conference is centred around the theme of We Design the Future. Share your stories with the itSMF community and help our industry deal with the challenge of delivering more value with less risk.  We want to hear from you!

Please read the information on this page carefully before submitting a proposal.

Submitting a proposal

Each year about 100 proposals are submitted via an open anonymous submission system, from which around 30 proposals are chosen to be part of the final program. Once a submission has reached the shortlisting stage the author’s identity is revealed to the Conference Committee, who then balance the final program and ensure only one submission per person is accepted.

Proposals may only be submitted online through Currinda and will not be accepted by fax, email or post. The Service Management 2019 Conference Secretariat will notify all submitters of acceptance via email by Mid-June 2019. Please limit yourself to three submissions. This includes submissions where you are the second speaker or ‘co-presenter’.

You will need to classify your submission into one of the conference streams .

Submissions that include the below will be well regarded:
  • Organisational, cultural, leadership and strategic journeys

  • Real life case study experiences

  • Demonstrable knowledge transference

  • Measurable business impact

Proposal submissions MUST:
  • Be typed straight into the text field in Currinda. It is recommended that authors have this text ready to copy and paste (ensuring that no formatting carries across)

  • Not exceed 500 words, excluding titles, authors and affiliations

  • Include a title that is less than 150 characters with spaces. Please ensure the title is written in sentence case, not all caps. If you want to put your company name in the submission title, please use ‘X’ as a placeholder (e.g ‘How we used Kanban to change the culture at X’)

  • Show only one presenting author by ticking the appropriate box

  • Include the first name, surname and affiliations of all authors separately

  • Include a succinct overview of the intent and purpose of the presentation

  • Make it clear that you know who your primary audience is

  • Explain how you will use your allotted time

  • Not include any tables or figures

Submissions not received in the correct format will not be reviewed. You can view an example of a successful past submission here.

How do sessions work at Service Management?

Presentation Options

During the submission process you can select your preferred presentation style:

  • Lightning – short 5 minute (ignite) or 15 minute (TED talk) presentations

  • 30 minute presentations

  • 45 minute presentations

  • 1-2 hour interactive deep dive sessions

Sponsored Talks

Please note that it is possible for sponsors to purchase presentation spots, which are labelled as such on the program. For further information please contact Alison Tucker on +61 3 9879 5466 or email alison.tucker@itsmf.org.au

Submission Instructions

Please submit your proposal online no later than 5pm AEST on 29 April 2019 via the Currinda Submission Portal.

Please note:

The submitting author (if different to the presenting author) will be the one linked to the abstract and will receive all relevant information via email. It is the submitting author’s exclusive responsibility to ensure that all emails to do with the abstract are passed onto the presenting author and any other relevant parties.

Authors will require a profile on Currinda in order to submit a proposal for consideration. This profile will then be used for registration for the conference.

When logging in to Currinda, you will be asked to create a profile (unless you already have a Currinda profile) and then, prompted to submit a speaker proposal for the conference. You can submit multiple proposals, one after the other, through your profile.

Whilst you can come back to your submission(s) at any time prior to the submission deadline, please ensure you proceed through the entire process to complete your submission. If you fail to do this, your proposal will not be reviewed.

You can log back into the system and edit your proposal at any time until 5pm AEST on 29 April 2019. Simply log into your Currinda profile, select the proposal to amend and navigate through the top tabs to the section(s) you wish to edit.

An automatic acknowledgement email will be sent once your submission is complete.


Reviewer Feedback

A volunteer reviewing team of 40+ ITSM practitioners from all corners of the country kindly help to give feedback, shortlist and rate the submissions to help create a truly outstanding conference program. Once the submissions are received the team of reviewers start anonymously reviewing each submission. You may receive an email from the online portal providing you with comments regarding your submission. Based on the comments you may choose to edit your submission which can be done at any time until 5pm AEST on 29 April 2019. If you wish to send a direct reply back to the reviewing team, please email this to the Service Management 2019 Conference Secretariat and this will be passed over on your behalf.

Remember it is entirely up to you if you take on the feedback but remember any changes you wish to make must be updated in the submission itself, NOT in the comments. Submissions received early have been favoured in the past, which suggests that feedback helps to improve your chances of acceptance!

What are the key dates and deadlines?

Thursday 28 February 2019
Submissions open
Monday 29 April 2019
Week beginning 17 June 2019 Full program announced (full schedule)
Tuesday 20 – Wednesday 21 August 2019 Service Management Conference

How are speakers acknowledged?

The Service Management 2019 Conference introduces all that attend to a warm and welcoming community of people who are committed to sharing knowledge.

Service Management gives speakers opportunities to promote their message as part of the Conference – with invitations to guest post on the Service Management blog, social media and more.

We are committed to providing recognition to Service Management speakers, as they make the Conference what it is! All those who speak at the Conference receive a complimentary registration to attend Service Management 2019.