The itSMF Australia Service Industry Awards are an opportunity for organisations and individuals to showcase the practical application of service management best practices and standards and to recognise outstanding contributions made by organisations and individuals.

In recognition of significant achievements in Service Management the itSMF offers team awards for:

Service Management Innovation of the Year

  • Business Impact
  • Complementary Practices
  • Business Services

and Individual awards for:

Service Management Champion of the Year

Service Management Lifetime Contribution

Branch Volunteer of the Year

The itSMF Australia Gala Awards Dinner will be held on Tuesday, 29 March at the Brisbane City Hall.


Tuesday 23 March 2021
Award Nominations Open

Friday 4 February 2022
Award Nominations Close

Wednesday 23 February 2022
Shortlisted finalists Announced

Tuesday 29 March 2022
itSMF  Annual Gala Awards Dinner

How to be in the running for an itSMF Australia Annual Industry Award

Have you ever sat through the itSMF Awards ceremony lamenting the fact that a team of people involved in a recent Service Management implementation did not get the recognition they deserved because the idea of writing an award submission seemed too daunting or expensive?

One of the recent winners of Project of the Year said he took one day to write the submission and two days to edit it. Not only did it not cost a cent, but also the time commitment was only three days in total. Following are some tips that may help you to prepare your award submission for the upcoming 2021 itSMF Annual Awards.

Three easy steps:

STEP ONE: You need to be in it to win it
First, you will need to ascertain if indeed the itSMF Awards are the awards for your organisation. This is relatively easy to do: visit the itSMF Awards page to see whether your recent ITSM project fits into one of the Award categories.

STEP TWO: Give the judges something to sing about
Judges are required to read through many submissions, and this job in itself can be tiresome if the quality of the submissions is poor. To assist with the judging process and to give yourself the best chance of being acknowledged by the judges, please try and keep the following in mind:

  • Always ensure that the submission matches the criteria. Often when we are on a roll we can get a bit excited and stray from our intended writing objective. A good way to make sure this does not happen is to enlist a colleague to be an independent third party editor (ask them to be ruthless).
  • Keep to the page count. If you don’t, you are making the judges’ role more difficult and in extreme cases the submission could be dismissed on this alone.
  • Keep the format simple. There is no need to employ expensive graphic designers to make it look slick; the judges are IT professionals, not advertising executives.
  • The final submission will need a fresh pair of eyes to provide a final edit. This can be done in-house or by a professional editor (this can often prove to be an area where money would be well spent).
  • Where possible, use survey results, references, reports or other supporting material to verify your claims of success. Build proof of success into your text in alignment with judging criteria.

STEP THREE: Be prepared to win
If you are fortunate enough to win an itSMF Award, it is important not to lose momentum in gaining leverage from the Award. The following are some suggestions to help you take advantage of your win:

  • Send an email to all the management and your staff letting them know about the win;
  • Add the Award to your email signature;
  • Announce the Award on your website;
  • Post it on all social media;
  • Write about the Awards success in your internal and external communications (newsletters) and include photos of the Award ceremony;
  • Frame your certificate and display your trophy prominently and proudly in your business premises.

Awards give an organisation instant credibility and integrity. They also make an IT department feel that their efforts have been recognised and rewarded. It makes the effort worthwhile and generates pride in performance and their employer.

Download Awards Nomination Information