Team Award

Service Management Innovation of the Year

  • Business Impact
  • Complementary Practices
  • Business Services

Individual Award

Service Management Champion of the Year
itSMFA Branch Volunteer of the Year
Service Management Lifetime Contribution

Team Awards

Service Management Innovation of the Year

The Service Management Innovation of the Year will be awarded to the Service Management team that can demonstrate the successful completion during the past year of a challenging Service Management project that has markedly improved the value, efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation’s IT services and which have resulted in significant business benefits.

Up to 3 separate Innovation of the Year awards will be offered for significant achievements in the areas of:

Business Impact – delivered by implementing or improving IT Services using Service Management practices

Complementary Practices – enhancing the value of IT Services delivered by integrating Service Management practices with complementary practices such as Agile, DevOps, Organisational Change, Project & Program Management etc.

Business Services – using Service Management practices to build and run improved business services outside the IT domain.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Objectives and Challenges (20%) This criterion considers the alignment of the project to the award. The objectives of the project should clearly indicate the planned Service Management related outcomes and the challenges they presented to the project team and the organisation.
  • Uniqueness and Complexity (20%) This criterion assesses the uniqueness and complexity of the project and the project strategies.  How innovative were the project objectives and what strategies were developed to achieve them?  To what extend did these involve the development of new methods or approaches? How many staff were actively involved in the project for a major proportion of the time?
  • Processes and Procedures (20%) To what extent did the project require the development of new or improved Service Management processes and procedures? Did these designs align with ITIL methodologies, related standards and best practices, including others such as DevOps, Agile, SIAM etc.?
  • Achievements (25%) This criterion evaluates the achievement of significant results. Was the project completed on time and within budget? Were the project outcomes fully achieved? Did these add measurable benefits to the organisation in terms of IT service efficiencies and customer/end user satisfaction?
  • Team contribution (15%) This criterion evaluates team leadership and motivation and how this contributed to the achievement of the project objectives. It will include consideration of how the project team was supported and encouraged and how well a team spirit was generated and maintained.


Nominations must confirm adherence to the following conditions:

  • The team’s organisation must be a business entity with a registered office in Australia or be an Australian Government agency;
  • Although external consultancies, contractors or service providers may have been involved in the project or activity, the majority of the effort must have been managed, undertaken and completed by the organisation’s permanent full-time staff;
  • The project or activity may be a discrete and separately managed phase of a larger service management programme of work;
  • The majority of the completed project or activity must have been undertaken during the twelve months prior to the closing date for submissions;
  • Nominations must address all sections of the submission’s requirements, including responses to the evaluation criteria and must be received by itSMF Australia or its agents by the publicised closing date; and
  • An organisation may submit nominations for more than one team award but these must be clearly identifiable as distinctly separate pieces of work and performed by different people within their organisation.

Individual Awards

Service Management Champion of the Year

The Champion of the Year will be awarded to the service management practitioner who over the past year has displayed outstanding personal and professional skills in advancing the industry recognition of service management by their leadership, practical experiences and public advocacy. Their contribution will have been acknowledged widely as an outstanding example of the application of best practice in service management, professionalism and innovative thinking in overcoming challenges and delivering significant benefits and value to their organisation, clients and the service management community.

Evaluation Criteria: 

Candidates must possess a high level of technical and management acumen and have gained practical experience and proven performance in the leadership of colleagues and associates, by demonstrating their:

  • Leadership, motivational and influencing skills, drive and ability to achieve results that have had a major impact.
  • Demonstrated expertise in service management and the application of best practice in delivering practical outcomes.
  • Strong advocacy for service management principles and practices throughout the IT and business community.
  • Evidence of sharing their service management knowledge and experiences with other professionals, organisations and interest groups.


  • Nominees must be permanent residents of Australia;
  • The qualifying activities must have been carried out in Australia; and
  • Nominees do not have to be a member of itSMF Australia but must be nominated by a current member.

Service Management Lifetime Contribution

The Lifetime Contribution is awarded to an individual who, over the course of their IT career, has made an outstanding and highly significant contribution within the Service Management domain and has been a great inspiration to the entire ITSM community. This award recognises consistent excellence across multiple projects over a sustained period of time and contribution to the advancement of the ITSM profession and fellow practitioners, as well as having established community respect.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Active involvement in and contribution to Service Management events and publications over the last 10 years or more;
  • Demonstrable personal contributions in advancing the practices of the ITSM profession, with an overall description and supporting evidence of what has been achieved;
  • Contributions to the development of the skills and abilities of individual ITSM practitioners by mentoring, and the organisation of service management events;
  • Recognition and high regard by the ITSM community as a thought leader and innovator in ITSM practices; and
  • Contributions that have been actively visible by industry colleagues at local, national and even international levels.


  • Nominees for this award must have been actively involved in and contributed to the Service Management profession for at least the last 10 years;
  • Nominees must be a permanent resident of Australia;
  • Nominees will be expected to have been a member of itSMF Australia for most of that period; and
  • Nominees must be nominated by a current member of itSMF Australia.

Branch Volunteer of the Year

The itSMF Australia Branch Volunteer of the Year will be awarded to the itSMF Australia Branch Committee member who has demonstrated enthusiastic, consistent and outstanding support to Branch Committee activities and the planning and management of Branch events.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Is an active, enthusiastic member and supporter to the Branch Committee, the itSMF, its activities and the service management community
  • Is an active participant of the Branch Committee, will often go above and beyond to ensure local Branch success
  • Demonstrated successful planning, preparation and co-ordination of Branch Committee events, special interest groups, seminars, meet-ups
  • Manages and/or assists the branch chair with committee meetings, minutes, agendas. Takes lead in times of absence of others
  • Strong advocacy for service management principles and practices throughout the IT and local branch community.


  • Nominees for this award must be a member of itSMF Australia;
  • Nominees must be an elected member of an itSMF Australia Branch Committee; and
  • Nominees must be nominated by the Branch Chair in consultation with their Branch Committee.