Shaken and stirred


 This week we welcome guest bloggers Simone Jo Moore (Service Management Consultant and Trainer) and Mark Smalley (The IT Paradigmologist – ASL BiSL Foundation).  Simone and Mark will host a workshop at the Service Management 2016 Workshop Day on Tuesday 16 August 2016.


“Shaken, not stirred” is, of course, James Bond’s catchphrase that describes his preference for martini cocktails. “Shake I.T. Up” is the overarching theme of itSMF Australia’s annual Conference for 2016, that is intended to help you “find new ways to shake up your IT projects, teams and approaches for greater agility, lasting improvements, and better business outcomes”. Now this sounds great but as a seasoned conference-goer, I’m frequently disappointed by the effect that conferences have on their attendees. Despite us talking enthusiastically about new topics such as Cloud and DevOps, little in the real world changes unless people really get passionate. We talk the talk but why don’t we walk the talk? What does it take to stir people enough that they change their behaviour?

Behavioural change is one of the topics that fascinate my workshop partner Simone Jo Moore and me. In the process of researching, writing, and facilitating workshops, we’ve certainly learnt a lot and hopefully others have got a better grip of behaviour and the iceberg of factors that influence it, including values, beliefs and emotions.

We’ve done some writing on this topic and are pleased to share some of our work with you. You may like to read about ITSM problems – is poor behaviour the cause?, how to use behaviours to align people management and operations, or how to behave yourself – the business-IT relationship.

We’re offering a half-day pre-conference workshop for Shake I.T Up called Behave Yourself – Building Better IT Relationships. Our intent is to help you assess your organisation’s performance in terms of desired behaviour, understand what actually drives behaviour, determine your own core values and emotions and – most importantly, after the conference – start experimenting with interventions that actually influence behaviour. We’re very much looking forward to conducting this workshop and it would be great if you could join us.

It’s our conviction that I.T. will only change when people’s values, beliefs and emotions change, so let’s not only Shake I.T. Up in Brisbane but also Stir I.T. Up!