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Advanced Service Management

This stream is for the more experienced Service Management professionals who are looking for new ideas and advanced techniques for further improving the effectiveness of their IT services. It will focus on emerging and evolving Service Management practices and how IT Service Management can build the best of breed and bleeding edge solutions, creating value both within the IT department and beyond. This stream will consider how well IT is managing the trend towards multi-sourcing, multi-platform, multi service developments in IT and aligning with the business strategies and goals of the organisation. This stream will examine how to maximise the plethora of emerging IT practices, technologies and opportunities to future proof service delivery.
Presentations in this stream may cover, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Advanced Service Management techniques and processes – success stories and case studies demonstrating advanced implementations
  • Analysis, design and implementation of the more challenging processes such as continual service improvements, knowledge, configuration and asset management etc.
  • Business cases for evolving the professional Service Management and influence of IT and Service Management
  • Emerging trends in IT, tools, technologies and methods
  • Exploration of the impact of technology change on IT service delivery
  • Cloud computing and the challenges and benefits for Service Management
  • Research and insight into industry trends such as automation, cyber security, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Culture, Community, Capability

One of the biggest challenges to successful Service Management is overcoming a natural resistance to change. Fostering a positive service culture and community is an integral part of ensuring you can deliver on service promises to your organisation and customers. Having the right people in the right places at the right time is also essential. This stream will tackle the challenges of people and organisational change management. Topics and case studies for this stream include:

  • The importance of Service Management alignment with organisational culture. How can this be achieved?
  • Planning for Service Management and organisational change
  • Developing team spirit to improve efficiencies and the effectiveness of Service Management deliverables
  • Assessing skills requirements, people skills and mapping a career path
  • Lean thinking approaches and practical applications
  • Customer satisfaction, how to measure, how to improve
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • How to gain management commitment and sponsor support

Service Management Fundamentals

This stream is aimed at people who are relatively new to Service Management and who are looking for new ideas, guidance and inspiration in their Service Management activities. The focus will be on the practical application of best practice and the key aspects of the underlying processes, their interdependencies and the delivery of quality services. Presentations which may suit this stream are:

  • How to plan and start down the IT Service Management road
  • Design and application of IT Service Management processes/practices – grassroots IT Service Management
  • Using KPIs and SLAs for managing service quality
  • Success stories and case studies about core process implementations
  • Interdependencies between IT Service Management processes for improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Do you have or need OLAs and underpinning contracts to ensure quality service delivery?
  • Plan your next steps in starting a career in IT Service Management after gaining the Fundamentals certifications
  • Aligning IT Service Management with traditional frameworks and standards – ITIL, COBIT, ISO20000, ISO9001, ISO27000, etc.

Supercharging Service Management

How can organisations best adapt Service Management to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and expanding IT and business environment? Digital disruption and new methodologies and practices are enabling the rapid delivery of enhanced IT services to the business; and often these initiatives originate within the business (‘Shadow-IT’).
This stream will consider how organisations are connecting emerging frameworks and practices with more traditional approaches to achieve greater IT and business alignment. Are traditional Service Management practices able to keep up, survive and thrive by collaborating and working with these innovative enterprise-wide developments?
Presentations in this stream may consider the following topics as a guide:

  • New trends in the delivery of business services and how these are affecting and involving traditional Service Management practices
  • The features, benefits and challenges of new frameworks and practices such as DevOps, Agile Service Management, LeanIT etc.
  • What are the opportunities for Service Management to play a leading role in ensuring the quality of these business services?
  • Proactive Service Management – taking the lead
  • Integration and management of end-to-end service delivery across internal and external service providers to deliver customer value
  • Enterprise Service Management – practices and case studies
  • Other emerging (business) challenges to Service Management such as the mobile and remote workforce, big data, etc. and how IT is responding to these challenges