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The keynote and invited speakers at the Service Management 2017 Conference are some of the most highly regarded influencers in their respective areas of expertise. They will join us from across the country and the globe to inform, inspire and energise attendees with their knowledge and insights.

Marita Cheng

marita cheng Photo

Engineering visionary and 2012 Young Australian of the Year


Marita Cheng was the 2012 Young Australian of the Year and is a technology entrepreneur and women in technology advocate. Marita Cheng is the founder and CEO of aubot (formerly 2Mar Robotics), which makes a telepresence robot, Teleport, for kids with cancer in hospital to attend school, people with a disability to attend work and to monitor and socialise with elderly people. As well as telepresence robots, 2Mar does research and development in robotic arms, virtual reality and autonomous mapping and navigation.

2Mar has been recognised on a global scale through the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in 2016, and through being called “the coolest girl at CES 2014” by VentureBeat magazine. Marita has presented about Teleport at the M.A.P. International CEO Conference in the Philippines in 2016, MIT Technology Review EmTech Singapore in 2015, and the 2014 World Entrepreneurship Forum in Lyon France.

While studying at Singularity University’s flagship 10-week program, the Graduate Studies Program, located at NASA Ames and on a full scholarship funded by Google, Marita cofounded Aipoly with Alberto Rizzoli. Profiled in TechCrunch within a week of the first prototype being made, Aipoly allows blind people to recognise objects using computer vision and has been downloaded 120,000 times in 7 languages since its launch at CES 2016.

Marita was named the 2012 Young Australian of the Year for demonstrating vision and leadership well beyond her years as the Founder and Executive Director of Robogals Global. Noticing the low number of girls in her engineering classes at the University of Melbourne, Marita rounded up her fellow engineering peers and they went to schools to teach girls robotics, as a way to encourage girls into engineering. While on academic exchange at Imperial College London, Marita expanded the group to London and through innovation and sheer will, Marita then expanded Robogals throughout Australia, the UK, the USA and Japan. The group runs robotics workshops, career talks and various other community activities to introduce young women to engineering.

Robogals has now taught 55,000 girls from 11 countries our robotics workshops across 32 chapters. Robogals has been internationally recognised though the Global Engineering Deans Council Diversity in Engineering Award (2014), Grace Hopper Celebration’s Anita Borg Change Agent Award (2011), and the International Youth Foundation’s YouthActionNet Fellowship (2011).

Marita regularly travels around Australia presenting her work including appearing on Q&A on ABC beside two Nobel Laureates and the Chief Scientist of Australia (TV audience 600,000), and alongside Ashton Kutcher at Lenovo’s #TechMyWay (online audience 35,000). As well, she has presented overseas at Foxconn’s H.Spectrum by Yonglin Healthcare Startup Conference in Taiwan (2016), the 37th Kumon Japan Instructors Conference in Japan (2016), the World Engineering Education Forum in Dubai (2014), and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts’ World Conference in Hong Kong (2014).

Marita was born in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. She grew up in housing commission with her brother and single-parent mother, who worked as a hotel room cleaner. She graduated from high school in 2006 in the top 0.2% of the nation, and that year was awarded Cairns Young Citizen of the Year for her volunteering and extra-curricula efforts, which included winning awards for mathematics, Japanese and piano. Marita speaks English, Cantonese and Japanese.

Marita has a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) / Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Melbourne. She serves on the boards of Robogals Global, the Foundation for Young Australians, and RMIT’s New Enterprise Investment Fund, where she helps decide on startup investments, the Victorian State Innovation Expert Panel, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative’s Tech Advisory Board. In her spare time, Marita enjoys reading, travelling and daydreaming.

SESSION: Robotics in the future of work

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Dion Hinchcliffe

Dion-Hinchcliffe Photo

Business strategist, enterprise architect and #2 digital transformation influencer in the world


Dion Hinchcliffe is an internationally recognised business strategist, enterprise architect, transformation consultant, analyst and in-demand keynote speaker. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in social business, digital strategy, and enterprise IT.

Dion is currently Chief Strategy Officer at online community strategy and design firm, 7Summits. Dion is an industry expert on the topics of digital transformation, digital workplace, social collaboration, API strategy, Enterprise 2.0, Web 2.0, social business, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), online business models, digital business, and next-generation enterprises. His thought leadership can be found on ZDNet, InformationWeek, ebizQ, On Digital Strategy, and the Enterprise Irregulars. He also co-authored Web 2.0 Architectures for O’Reilly as well as the bestselling Social Business by Design (John Wiley & Sons, 2012).

Dion was recently identified, through data analysis by Robert Half Technology, as one of the top 20 people most mentioned by IT leaders.

Dion’s Klout score for Information Technology currently puts him in the top 5 position out of over 11,000 industry influencers. He was also ranked recently as the #2 influencer in the world on the subject of digital transformation in a data-based analysis by Onalytica. Dion is also a top 10 influencer on the topic of machine-to-machine (M2M.)

Dion has been featured or quoted in CIO Magazine, Computerworld, Wired, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, BusinessWeek, and numerous other national and overseas news sources.

SESSION: How user experience became central to ITSM

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Lindsay Holmwood

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Former head of Tech at DTA, engineering manager and
DevOps guru


Lindsay Holmwood is an engineering leader based in the Blue Mountains, just outside of Sydney. He served as the Head of Technology at the Australian federal government’s Digital Transformation Agency, where he was responsible for technology strategy, advice, and delivery across the organisation.

Since bringing DevOps to Australia by running the second ever DevOpsDays conference in 2010, he runs the monthly Sydney DevOps meetup (the longest running DevOps meetup in the world), and is the secretary of DevOps Australia.

Lindsay has deep and wide experience building highly reliable systems (the open source Flapjack alert routing tool used by Bank of America, Disney Online Services), and high transaction e-commerce platforms (achieving five-nines uptime for Movember while growing donations from $25M to $124M over three years).

He regularly speaks locally and abroad on technology culture, DevOps, digital transformation, and building high performing teams. He also won third place at the 1996 Sydney Royal Easter Show LEGO building competition.

SESSION: Mixing oil and water: DevOps in an ITSM world

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Turia Pitt

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Humanitarian, athlete and motivationalist


Without a doubt, Turia Pitt is one of Australia’s most admired and widely recognised people.

Renowned for her pure grit, indomitable spirit and passion for humanitarian work, Australians have taken Turia into their hearts and are deeply inspired by her.

In 2011, age 24, Turia was an ex-model, fitness junkie and successful mining engineer when she was caught in a freak firestorm while competing in a 100km ultramarathon in Western Australia. She was choppered out of the remote desert barely alive, with full thickness burns to 64 per cent of her body.

Surviving against overwhelming odds is the least of her achievements. Turia has gone on to thrive in the ultimate story of triumph over adversity.

In 2016 alone, Turia has competed in her first IRONMAN competition, and is releasing a new book and an online motivational program as well as walk the Kokoda trail to raise money for Interplast, a not for profit organisation that she is closely aligned to. Turia has raised close to $1 million since she began working with the organisation several years ago.

This engaging and refreshingly candid young woman will astonish you, inspire you and leave you in stitches. Her enthralling message of overcoming adversity and the need to never EVER give up will motivate you … out of your chair, and into life. The standing ovation Turia was given at her TED talk is a testament to her skills as an orator. Turia’s motto ‘never ever give up’ resonates with people from all walks of life – anyone, anywhere, who refuses to be limited by circumstance. She is a true and profound inspiration to all those she meets.

SESSION: Unmask your potential

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