Service Management 2018!

Is your organisation fit for service? In this post, itSMF Australia’s National Events Director Aprill Allen gives a glimpse into what we can expect at the 21st national conference in Canberra.

Welcome aboard the planning for our 21st annual national conference. As our program development gets underway, I look forward to exploring updates to our service management practices with you, when we hear what’s new from both familiar and emerging industry guidance. This year’s theme is Get Fit For Service. We believe it captures a rising interest in service management from the health sector, while shining a spotlight on our nation’s capital and the public servants in it. Public servants who dedicate their improvement efforts to making sure their government colleagues can go about their business, and that citizens can go about their lives as easily as possible.

But service management isn’t just for our public services, as you know, it exists in all industries and all verticals, and is flexing to meet the changing complexities that the cloud and digital transformation requires, such as cloud orchestration, dynamic capacity management, and compliance decisions related to public and private cloud, just to name a few. We’ve introduced new streams this year to cater to this landscape and speaker submissions are now open.

People and Culture is an evergreen challenge and continues to be worthy of a dedicated stream. Service Management Practices gathers all our foundational knowledge under a unified umbrella this year. For 2018, we’re offering focused streams on Cybersecurity, and Modern Managed Services. Cybersecurity speaks for itself and news stories crop up regularly, reminding us of what can and does go wrong, and of where our responsibilities lay as service management practitioners and advisers. With the growth of AWS, Azure and subscription services, the market for managed services looks much different than it did before. We’re no longer talking to and hearing from just the large, global managed services firms. There are smaller, Australian firms providing service management to their clients and experiencing the same successes and challenges as the large-scale providers, every day.

We are a distributed community operating within businesses of all sizes and of all kinds, and I am excited to be coming together again with you, in Canberra, this September.