Q&A with an alumni speaker

Q&A with an alumni speaker

In the second part of a series of chats with those that have previously taken the stage at the Service Management Conference – Leanne Siveyer kindly shares her speaking experience and tips.

Hi Leanne! Please tell us a little about yourself – what is your area of expertise and what kind of Conference speaking experience do you have (if any)?

I have been involved with Service Management for most of my career in both operational and consulting roles. I’ve delivered countless training courses and presented to various sized groups. The ITSM is one of the largest audiences I have presented to.

What would you say are the top benefits you gain from sharing your expertise and insights at a Conference as a speaker?

You definitely get out of a conference what you put in. It’s an honour to be able to share my experiences with the conference audience and be able to contribute to the body of knowledge by sharing case studies that I have been involved with. We all know the theory – the challenge is in the implementation which is why I love hearing and sharing case studies from the real world.

In the past, you joined the speaker line-up for the Service Management Conference via the anonymous submission system. Can you describe your experience with this process? 

The process is straightforward and seems very fair to all submissions. Some of the questions and comments during the process helped me to refine my idea further and resulted in a better delivery.

How was your experience at the Conference overall as both a speaker and an attendee? 

I love the passion and the enthusiasm and being able to contribute to that is is a wonderful experience.

What was your favourite part of it the Conference experience? Can you share some standout moments?

The number of people that came up to me after my presentation – keen to introduce themselves and further discuss the ideas I have presented. That’s definitely what is all about.

What were the most important learnings you took away from the Conference experience?

As I mentioned earlier – we all know the theory but there are real and difficult real world challenges that prevent us from implementing the all best practice guidance in the books. The more people that have overcome those challenges and shared those experiences the better we call all be at maturing our service management approaches.

What advice would you give someone looking to submit a proposal to the Service Management Conference this year?

Present something you’d like to hear yourself. Don’t be scared – definitely do it. If it’s your first time – consider co-presenting with a more experienced speaker for support.