This year marks the first in an all-new approach to the development of the speaker program with a greater focus on transparency and fostering engagement and growth in the ITSM community.

What has changed:

  • All presentation proposals were submitted and reviewed through an anonymous online submission system. Everyone, except the four keynotes and select invited speakers, had to submit through the submission process
  • Submissions were open to everyone, not just itSMF Australia members
  • Approximately 40 volunteer reviewers were allocated to one of the four streams
  • Reviewers provided feedback to submissions during the submission period to help submitters refine and iterate their proposal
  • There was a chairperson appointed for each stream and reviewers worked together to decide on a set of universal criteria against which the submissions were reviewed against
  • Reviewers participated in fortnightly teleconferences and worked within collaborative google docs to share ideas
  • It was up to reviewers as to how they wanted to produce the final shortlists
  • Each stream provided a shortlist which was then deliberated upon by the Program Committee.

Reviewing criteria

The reviewing criteria for submissions that were decided upon by the Service Management 2015 reviewers is as follows:

  • Is it in line with the Conference theme of Building Customer Value?
  • Are their clear take-aways for attendees?
  • Does the presentation address a topic aligned to the stream?
  • Will it fill a room?
  • Does it offer experience based advice, substantiated by evidence or case-studies, that can be used practically?
  • Originality, learnings from outside the IT domain and a focus on hot topics is encouraged!

Key dates

Early February 2015 Registrations to attend open
29 April 2015 Submissions close
5 May 2015 Online reviewing finishes
13 May 2015 Stream Shortlists due
16 May 2015 Final Shortlist decided
18 May 2015 Speakers notified and speaker supporters allocated
June 2015 Final program due
19 August 2015 Workshop day
20-21 August 2015 Conference